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CD and DVD Testimonials

Nail biting

Thanks again for the stop biting nails CD. I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember (Nearly 50 years) however after listening to your CD for only a few times the habit was broken and I now have nails!


I have no urge to bite them and I would recommend this CD to anyone with the same addictions

Alistair - Glasgow

Hypnosis DVD

Thank you for the recently purchased show DVD, it was one of the funniest things I have seen in ages. Keep up the good work.

Alan Davies

CD's in general

Here's my success story in a nutshell:
I own a range of hypnosis CD's, from confidence boost to weight loss to
Stress Management. I listen to them all regularly, and my life has
completely turned around! I am now a much happier, slimmer and more
confident individual..

Lynda Efstathiou -West Sussex


Weight Loss CD

"Thanks to your amazing program I have lost over three stone and I now look and feel tremendous, Thank you".

Sue - Hull.


Stop Smoking CD

"I have been free from smoking now for 8 years thank you so much. I am healthier and richer!"

Ian Morley - East Yorkshire


I have been using the stop biting your nails CD as I have been biting my nails since childhood and all of my adult life. This CD has succeeded where others had failed. thank you so much.

Wies - Bradford


Stop Smoking CD

"Over six years now since my last cigarette and I feel wonderful, thanks to you and your amazing stop smoking concept"

Frank - North Humberside


Sleep Well CD

"My daughter has not slept well for years, with doctors saying nothing can be done!" Within 10 minutes of listening to the hypnotic sleeping CD, she was fast asleep! That was over 1 year ago and sleeping has never been a problem since!"

Helen - Darlington - County Durham


Stage Show Video

"I recently bought this stage show video. I received it within a few short days and laughed till I almost cried it was so funny, thank you"

Nick Ramsey


Breast Enlargement CD

I just wanted to write and let you know how Great your tapes have been!! I am so glad I ordered them, I have been using them faithfully for about three weeks now and have grown one inch already!!! Can you believe that? I still cannot belive it even though I know it's true because I can feel them actually growing and my bra is way too tight plus I measured before I started, just so unreal)-the other thing is I have lost two inches around my waist, however I have also been working out quite a bit as well!
I just had to share my success with you, no one else would beleve me (except my husband) Thank You so much for your good work
You are just GREAT!!!

Jayne Wilson


Customer Service

"I ordered one of these CD's from the UK and it arrived in just 5 days, the service was amazing!"  - 
Tonda Walker - USA


Fears and Phobias CD

"The CD was wonderful and worked within days of following the program, thank you!"

Mr R. Gayton - Norfolk


Fears and Phobias CD

"After 3 weeks my incredible fear of the telephone was removed by using the hypnotic CD. Incredible results and I highly recommend it."

Mr. Jackson - Lawyer - Surrey


Stop Biting Nails CD

I felt that I just had to write to tell you how successful the Biting
Nails CD has been. After having been a constant chewer of my nails for the past 30+ years, I had come to despair at ever being able to stop.

I used the usual 'Wonder' methods of painting awful tasting stuff on them (but got used to the taste), as well as getting all and sundry to shout at me whenever they caught me nibbling away.
I started using the CD, just before going to bed in the evening.

I must admit, after the first listen, I didn't believe that the programme was half an hour in length because I only remembered the first 5 minutes or so before it had finished.  But after timing it the next night, it became apparent that I was obviously drifting off somewhere.  I would always wake up before the end though.

Anyway, a week and a half later, and I have completely stopped biting, the nails are the longest they have ever been in my life (still short at the moment...but getting better each day) and I have no urge whatsoever to have a good chew.

So there you are...it works.....but you knew that already.
So, many thanks for breaking my habit.

Regards, Simon Lockett.


Pain Relief CD

"Following a fall, my back and shoulder pain was reduced to almost nothing following Quantum Pain Therapy, allowing me to continue with my busy work schedule as an Opera singer. Without the help we may have had to cancel the Opera and my recording sessions, you saved the day!"

Summer - London


Stop Biting Nails CD

"I bought a tape to help me stop biting my nails and have listened to it a few times now and have found it amazing and would like to say thank you for making these products available.
Since listening to the cassette I now for the first time have nails and there still growing.
So just to say thank you and you will be highly recommended to my friends and family."

Many Thanks, Kerry Drake


Pain Relief CD

"My back has given me pain for several years following a major road accident. I was in such sever pain I was ready to stop working. Within seconds of using Generis Therapy the pain was totally gone! I have seen a Quantum Pain Therapist just once and have not required any further treatment. 1 year later I am still pain free and able to work.Thank you."

M.Gaffney - Redcar (Pain rating after treatment 0)


Nail Biting CD

"I have ordered several products from you in the past few months and I must say I have been delighted with some of the results, especially the nail biting audio cassette. I honestly can't remember having finger nails and I am now 22. I have tried many products in the past, some have worked but only for a few days maximum. With your program I've stopped completely and haven't bitten them for over a month!! Wow!! Very impressed!"



Pain Relief CD

"My 8 year old daughter was in incredible pain with tooth ache and within minutes of receiving Generis Therapy over the phone her pain had gone and she was pain free right up to the dentist removing her tooth. I have seen the results of Generis Therapy many times and they are amazing!"

Mrs H. Rickaby - County Durham  

Daughters pain rating after CD treatment 0)


Hypno Golf CD

"I was amazed the speed my game improved congratulations on a great golfing program."

Kenny Lynch - International Singer


Pain Relief CD

"My leg had been in pain and had a numb sensation. Within 1 minute of talking to a Quantum Pain Therapist consultant the pain and numbness was gone. I had not felt my leg in 20 years!"

Mrs. Dunkerley - Rotherham (Pain rating after treatment 0)

Nail Biting CD

"Two months later, I have beautiful long elegant nails. The first week or so was a little testing, but listening to your tape a few more times did the trick.
I never dreamed of it as I have always bit my nails since I was a young child.
Many Thanks from a very happy customer."

Regards, Miss J Bissell


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