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1. I do things slowly
2. My future seems hopeless
3. It is hard for me to concentrate on reading
4. The pleasure and joy has gone out of my life
5. I have difficulty making decisions
6. I have lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important
7. I feel sad, blue, and unhappy
8. I am agitated and keep moving around
9. I feel fatigued
10. It takes great effort for me to do simple things
11. I feel that I am a guilty person who deserves to be punished
12. I feel like a failure
13. I feel lifeless--more dead than alive
14. I don't sleep well
15. I spend time thinking about HOW I might kill myself
16. I feel trapped or caught
17. I feel depressed even when good things happen to me
18. Without trying to diet, I have lost or gained weight
19. I think that people don't like me
20. I have lost interest in sex
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