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What are fears and phobias?

To some the whole idea of having a phobia is utterly ridiculous, but it’s all VERY VERY REAL and to the sufferer this points to very real conflict in the person’s mind, brought about over time by bottled up (repressed) emotions and memories.

You may be surprised to find that phobias or panic attacks are more common than you think amongst the general population. Most phobias are created in an instant, yet last a lifetime. Most phobias are totally illogical and there is no need trying to work them out. A phobia is not a weakness on your part, it is simply a conditioned response. Over the years your unconscious mind has come to associate a particular situation with certain feelings. Once this association is cemented within your subconcious mind, it is very hard to then break this habit / irrational response. For most people these irrational thoughts are too hard to overcome on their own, this is in large part to the fact it's your subconcious mind that forces these thoughts / reactions upon you. But how can you speak to your subconcious mind? - hypnosis is the key.

Help overcome fears hampshire - How can hypnotherapy help?

All irrational fears and phobias are merely inappropriate behaviour patterns that our subconscious mind has learned to respond with in specific situations. Because the subconscious mind’s function is to keep you safe, once a response pattern is put in place, which results in your survival, however inappropriate, it can become deeply entrenched and be the cause of great difficulty and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy helps to overcome these fears and phobias by disassociates the negative emotion and anxiety associated with these trigger situations and installs new, appropriate behaviour responses which are desired by you. Hypnotherapy can be so helpful in treating phobias, because it goes after the root cause of the problem, which helped to create the phobia. If you have a fear or phobia that is starting to control the way you live your life, then that surely must be the right time to do something about it.  Contact Jon Patrick on 07825 713391 today for your initial confidential consultation.

What's my phobia?

Are you interested in finding out the correct name of your phobia or are you interested in looking at the many officially recognised and named phobias? If so please click below for a list of fears and phobias listed either by fear or phobia:

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