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Gastric band hypnotherapy in hampshire - A safe, effective alternative to surgery!

The hypnotic gastric band therapy, is a relatively new hypnotherapy, developed as an aid to weight loss, it can be very effective. This therapy can be even more effective, than  a conventional surgical gastric band being fitted.


Because with a conventional surgical gastric band the patient can experience some side effects. The 'Hypnotic Gastric Band' is a hypnotheray procedure comprising of 5 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions, with no actual surgery taking place at all, making this therapy, very effective, and very safe.

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What next?

If you want to take the next step please call Jon Patrick to arrange your weight loss hypnosis session and start to become the person you deserve to be. Please remember all consultations and hypnosis sessions are held in the strictest of confidence and no details will be shared with any third party.

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