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What is regression therapy?

Regression therapy involves going back to a person's past in order to find healing or to find reasons for current behaviour and thinking patterns. In counseling and psychotherapy therapists are always interested in a client's background. Where there are indications that the root of a problem is buried in the past, these memories will be taken out, discussed, and dealt with at a cognitive level. Hopefully the client is eventually able to move on with a different and more positive outlook.

However one thing that psychotherapy cannot do, is to find those memories which have been buried deep in the psyche and are no longer remembered by the client. The subconscious mind protects us in numerous ways. Firstly, it will protect us by burying a painful experience so that it's memory no longer causes conscious pain. Secondly, it protects us by helping us to avoid being hurt in the same way again. A problem occurs when this 'avoidance' is no longer appropriate and is preventing us from living whole, healthy lives, or from having fulfilling relationships.

How can regression therapy help me?

Where traditional psychotherapy reaches its limit regarding the subconscious mind, regression therapy enables the hypnotherapist to tackle the root of the problem previously secured by the subconscious mind. Imagine having a small splinter in a tender part of your body. Now imagine that splinter being ignored and left to fester. Eventually there is a large infected area. You can treat that area as much as you like, but until the original little offending splinter is removed, there will never be complete healing. Regression therapy allows the hypnotherapist to go directly to that little splinter, without painful digging around it. Unlike psychotherapy, we don't have to spend years digging for the root causes. We ask the subconscious to show them to us immediately, and there is usually instant healing.

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