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Stop smoking using hypnotherapy

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Jon Patrick is proud to offer a unique selection of CD's/Cassettes and DVD's/Video's now available to buy through hypnosis4uk.com. The hypnotic CD's will help with personal challenges such as, stopping smoking, weight loss, fears and phobias, attracting changes, improving sports, biting fingernails, coping with stress, relaxation and many, many more. Hypnosis CD's and DVD's start from as little as £18 and are fully guaranteed to bring you the success you deserve. It must be noted that these CD's are not intended to replace a hypnotherapy session, rather to reinforce the session at a time to suit you.

About the CD's

These powerful hypnotic audio programs help you tap into the powers of your subconscious mind enabling you to achieve goals and targets much quicker and with greater success! Please click here for CD testimonials.

CD features:

  • Prices from £18 including postage within the UK
  • Available worldwide
  • Beautiful relaxing music
  • Hypnotic and subliminal suggestion
  • Use whilst you sleep on a night
  • Available as Cassette or Compact Disc
  • Hypnosis CD's

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    How to get the best out of these CD's

    The ideal time to use the audio programs are when you have half an hour free to put your feet up and treat yourself to a little bit of pure relaxation! Never use hypnotic products whilst driving operating machinery or doing anything that requires you attention. Each CD is carefully designed to accomplish the benefit you want, the sooner you begin, the sooner you start enjoying a more fulfilling life. Listen to them as you relax and sleep on a night time. All hypnotic audio programs come with a full satisfaction guarantee! Product Order Available on CD or cassette - Priced from 16 including free delivery within the UK Available for World wide delivery - 5 shipping charge.

    Stage Hypnosis DVD's

    You can also purchase hypnotic stage show DVD's from the collection of Jon Patrick's 'The Hypnotic Humour Show'. These DVD's are highly entertaining and provide some fun and laughter for all ages, the perfect gift especially for someone who either watched or took part in one of the shows.


  • Video produced at a live venue
  • Digitally produced and edited
  • Laugh till you cry!
  • Now available on DVD
  • Hypnotic DVD's

    Enquire for past or future Hypnotic Humour Show DVD's:

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