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"After having a phobia of spiders all my life, I went to see Jon Patrick, he put me totally at ease, and after just one session I was able to put one in a container."
Jeanette Harrison

"I needed confidence for a job interview. I saw Jon Patrick and after having hypnotherapy I attended the interview and got the job."

"I tried every diet I could think of but I still didn't manage to lose any weight, I felt really down and that I had failed. After a session with Jon Patrick I felt better about myself. I finally had the drive and will power to really lose some weight, 2st and counting!."

"I had been a smoker for 25 years, and as much as I wanted to quit I always found myself going back to smoking again and again. However after attending Jon Patrick's intensive hypnotherapy session I feel like nothing can hold me back. So far 6 months without wanting to smoke, I actuallty feel like I have been a non-smoker all my life!."

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